Cocoa Protein Powder Packing Machine

Cocoa Protein Powder Packing Device


Powder Flour sugar salt vertical packing machine

This device completes the entire packing process of measuring, loading materials, bagging, day printing, charging (exhausting) and merchandise transporting immediately as properly as counting. can be utilized in powder and granular material. like milk powder, Albumen powder,solid consume, white sugar, dextrose, coffee powder, and so on.

Primary feature

Friction travel film transport belts.
Belt driving by the servo motor permits resistant, uniform, well-propartioned seals and give fantastic functioning flexibility.
The models suitable for the powder packing,it avert excess cutoff in the course of sealing and restrict the prevalence of sealing damage, contributing to a much more desirable finish.
Use PLC Servo Program and pneumatic handle program and tremendous touch monitor to kind the generate control middle increase the whole machine’s handle precision, trustworthiness and intelligentized level.
Touch monitor can store the technological parameters of various types of products, no want to reset although merchandise altering.
Stainless metal construction,make contact with components SS304,some driving parts created of electroplating metal.
Incredibly simple and effortless to learn programming software program. Horizontal jaw obstructiondetection, incorporating instantaneous machine stoppage.
Entirely interlock guarding technique, movie reel runout gadget. Full synchronisation for printers, labellers and feed techniques. Implement CE necessity.
The Design is appropriate for Pillow bag, Triangle bag ,Chain bag, Gap bag.

Mettler-Toledo Loadcell,with bodyweight examining and weighing suggestions operate.
Rapidly-reply weighing method.
With three sections belt conveyor:initial one is changeover conveyorsecond one particular is weighing conveyorthird a single is weighing checking conveyor(with pneumatic reject unit)
Bodyweight-picked device,to guarantee each solution be competent,so to depart the letter cull eliminator.

CZPT parameter




Dosing manner

Auger Filler With C.W. and opinions

Auger Filler With C.W. and comments

Bag Measurements

L:100-320mm W one hundred-250mm

L:a hundred-450mm W a hundred-300mm

Packing Velocity

twenty five-70 luggage/min

25-60 luggage/min

Packing Precision

one hundred-500g, ≤±1% >500g, ≤±0.5%

a hundred-500g, ≤±1% >500g, ≤±0.five%

Electrical power Offer

3P  AC208-415V  50/60Hz

3P  AC208-415V  50/60Hz

Complete Power



Complete Fat



Air Offer

6kg/mtwo , .25m3/min

6kg/mtwo , .3mthree/min

All round Dimension



Hopper Quantity






Cocoa Protein Powder Packing Machine