Automatic Dog Canned Food Machine with Chicken and Beef Dice

Automatic Pet Canned Foodstuff equipment with Rooster and Beef Dice

Mangnetic depalletizer 
can washing    15 cans/m of 180g
synthetic filling line
doing work table 
batching tank  600L
storang tank 1000L
Circulating soup device
modest can sealing equipment 
Different diameter diverse machine
filled can washing 
automated cart palletizer 
Sterilization device
computerized cart depalletizer 
air dryer 
flip Flip machiine 
can labeling device 
Ink jet print 
unbox machine
Turning roller
Automated cartoning machine
carton sealing  
power roller line
no energy drum
Flip portion

some putting in photos:
washing line

loading and unloading for sterilization method

our manage technique

some descriptions of our machine

Cooling machine

Apart from Motor and  bearings ,other common parts are manufactured of stainless metal SUS304 / 2B material, in full compliance with the export of foods cleanliness requirements.
This machine series are ideal for all kinds of veggies,fruits, fungi’s pre-cooking and cooling of the merchandise.Precook temperature and pace can be established in accordance to the specialized necessity.  
The equipment makes use of SUS304 stainless metal chain plate,  mesh belt,mesh belt with high depth, small scale, difficult deformation, easy routine maintenance, and so forth., the 
entire device well balanced operating, reduced noise, tremendously bettering the function efficiency  
This device is heating manner of electrical heating.The equipment transmission system adopts equipment motor speed regulation  which
make the conveyor belt velocity adjustable.

Deciding on conveyor

Implement to main uncooked components selecting and reducing treatment.
The equipment adopts disassembly design.Amount of functioning station can be CZPT in accordance to clients’actual demand.
The total equipment undertake SUS304 stainless steel. 


one.1  Lifting conveyor major human body facet chain plate:Plate thickness:δ2.0mm Content:SUS304.
When produced in accordance to the actual dimensions.

1.2 Roller:Material  SUS304,diameter is based mostly one particular the actual 
load,cooperate with the additionally or minus tolerance.
one.three Using wheel:Material  Nylon processing molding,diameter is dependent one the genuine load,cooperate with the in addition or minus tolerance.
one.4 Bun foot:Nylon injection molding,Cooperate with stainless steel altering screw M16.
one.5 Guardrail component adopts big Caluminum trackCooperate with use-resisting sheath
one.six Connecting plate:plate wicknessδ3.0mm Content:Stainless steel bending forming
1.7 Link in between mesh belt:Nylon board or ball, in accordance to the customer’s merchandise assortment.
1.eight Accessories:Mounted CZPTs,kinds of SUS304 screws,and many others.
Conveying carrier component Module length:According to the effective size*widthness (mm)(When made according to the real measurement)
2.2 Module belt varieties:Flat grid, grid, according to the genuine situation to choose substance.
two.three Content:POM,PP,PE
two.four Color:White,Blue,Green.
3.Power method Equipment motor:Worm equipment and worm gear motor, 
Security course IP55,Electrical power P=1.5KW/.75KW
three.2 Velocity:V=-25 Meter/MIN
three.three Velocity decision: Denmark Danfoss inverter frequency handle motor pace.
4.1 CZPT cupboard substance:1.5mm SUS304 Stainless metal plate bending welding forming.
4.2 Electronic parts:disconnector,AC contactor, button switch,and so forth.       Brand: Schneider,France.
can washing    
It is utilized to thoroughly clean and dry outside floor of all types of canned fruit,canned meat,bottled sauce and all sorts of beverages.(specializedin washing and drying the adhensive sugar drinking water and other adhenion outside of the sealed canned merchandise or beverage), applying for tin cans,glass bottles and plastic bottles.
Equipment features:
The entire device adopts SUS304 stainless steel producing, reduce air pollution, ensuring healthyof the goods.
Higher diploma of automation, computerized tempreture handle, good end washing.
Utilizing Acrylic hood, the total cleaning procedure can be observed.
CZPT cleansing design and style, washing h2o can be recycled.
Sophisticated equipment style construction,simple to cleanse,h2o tank big diameter drain hole.
Potential: 50-100cans/min,stepless pace.
Pipeline speed:six-30m/min
Scope of application:Cans Dia 40-180mm,height:40-200mm
Motor:.75kw, 10-50 r/min
Sanitary pump:.75kw*6  12.5T/h

Q1:Are you producer or buying and selling business?
We are manufacture verified by ALIBABA and we have our possess design and style crew.
Q2:Where are you located? Is it practical to visit you?
We are located in ZheJiang . Visitors is extremely convenient.
Q3:How can you ensure good quality?
1.We have finished operating program and processes and we stick to them
very strictly.
2.Our diverse employee is responsible for distinct working procedure, their function
is verified,and will constantly function this process, so very knowledgeable.
three.The electrical pneumatic elements are from the world popular organizations,
such as Germany’s Siemens, Japanese Panasonic and so on.
four.We will do strict test working soon after the equipment is completed.
five.Our equipment are accredited by CE,SGS,ISO.
This fall:Can you design the machine according to our demands?
Sure. We not only can personalize the equipment according to your technological
drawing, but also can design and style new machine according to your needs.
Q5:Can you provide overseas technical support?
Indeed. We can send out engineer to your business to set the device and train your
employee if necessary.

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Automatic Dog Canned Food Machine with Chicken and Beef Dice