Stainless Steel Zipper Stop

We manufacure stainless metal zipper near-stop , stainless metal zipper cease , metallic zipper slider by way of metallic injection molding technology . It is an sophisticated metallic forming technological innovation for both easy or complex steel elements volume production with lower expense .

Stainless steel zipper for luggage hardware accessories

Item type Stainless metal zipper stop
Substance stainless steel 316
measurement three# , five# , 8# , 10#
shape customized manufactured
coloration white , black , grey , blue , purple , personalized made 
application baggage equipment , garment components , 

And MIM components are near complete dense ,expense-powerful ,precise, lengthy-long lasting . 
We supply MIM services with content :
MIM stainless steel 303 , 304 , 316 , seventeen-4
MIM tungsten 
MIM copper 
personalized MIM stainless steel 

MIM prcess in every actions :
one. Metallic powers option
two. Binders
3. Mixing
4. Molding
5. De-binding
6. Sintering
7. publish sintering operation such as polishing 
8. Mechanical homes MIM areas

Advance of MIM 
Straightforward & Complex shape 
Higher precision exact  
Less material waste
Outstanding mechanical qualities
A repeatable approach
Excellent floor quantity
Helpful a eco-friendly production technology 
Stainless metal zipper cease

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Stainless Steel Zipper Stop