Sgb320 Scraper Chain Conveyors Coal Mining Machine for Mining


It is employed to convey coal, powder, granular or lumpy bulk resources broadly in the industries of energy stations, coal preparation vegetation, ports, mines, metallurgy, and chemical business, provides first area to horizontal conveyance, and 2nd to inclined conveyance, with the maximal inclination of twenty degrees. It has straightforward composition for reaching solitary or double layer or bidirectional conveying, handy installation and routine maintenance, and multipoint loading and unloading, wherein the highest conveying size is 150m, its tank is lined with plates which frequently are forged stone or wear resistant metal plates. The heavy scraper conveyor features advanced technology, strong electricity, big conveying potential and superb sealing home, also can be custom made-produced as essential.
CZPT parameter :

design Design and style length(m) Shipping and delivery quantity (t/h) Chain pace(m/s) Mounted energy(kw Circular chain specification(mm) Center groove specification(mm)
SGD40/5.5V forty 40 .5 five.five Plate Chain 2000×237×330
SGD280/seven.five forty thirty .sixty three 7.five 10×40-B 1200×280×125
SGD280/eleven sixty thirty .63 11 10×40-B 1200×280×125
SGD320/17B 80 forty .fifty nine 17 14×50-B 1200×320×150
SGD320/18.5 eighty 40 .59 eighteen.five 14×50-B 1200×320×150
SGD320/22 100 40 .fifty nine 22 14×50-B 1200×320×150
SGD420/22 80 sixty .66 22 14×50-C 1200×420×150
SGD420/thirty 100 80 .66 30 18×64-B 1200×420×150
SGB320/eighteen.five eighty 40 .59 18.five 14×50-B 1200×320×150
SGB420/22 80 eighty .88 22 14×50-B 1200×420×150
SGB420/thirty a hundred 80 .88 30 14×50-B 1200×420×150
SGB520/30 one hundred 100 .88 30 14×50-B 1200×520×150
SGB420/40X one hundred 100 .86 40 18×64-B 1500×420×180
SGB520/forty one hundred a hundred and twenty .86 40 18×64-B 1500×520×180
SGB620/40T 100 one hundred fifty .86 40 18×64-B 1500×620×180
SGB620/80T one hundred sixty one hundred fifty .86 2×40 18×64-C 1500×620×180
SGB630/150C 200 250 .86 2×75 18×64-C 1500×630×190
SGB630/one hundred eighty one hundred fifty 400 .ninety two 2×90 22×86-C 1500×630×222
SGD630/one hundred eighty one hundred fifty four hundred .92 2×90 26×92-C 1500×630×222
SGD630/220 a hundred and fifty four hundred one.07 2×110 26×92-C 1500×630×222
SGB630/220 one hundred fifty 450 one 2×110 22×86-C 1500×630×222
SGZ630/220 150 450 one 2×110 22×86-C 1500×630×222
SGZ630/264 two hundred 450 .ninety five 2×132 22×86-C 1500×630×222
SGZ730/220 a hundred and eighty 500 one 2×110 22×86-C 1500×730×222
SGZ730/264 200 500 1.twelve 2×132 22×86-C 1500×730×222
SGZ730/320 200 700 .95 2×160 26×92-C 1500×730×275(Casting welding)
SGB764/264 150 600 1.twelve 2×132 22×86-C 1500×764×222
SGZ764/264 one hundred fifty 600 .ninety five 2×132 26×92-C 1500×764×222
SGZ764/320D two hundred 700 .95 2×160 26×92-C 1500×764×300(Casting welding)

Functions :

1. Extended time of guarantee. 
2. Full-shut,use resistance construction. 
3. Horizontal & total  inclined transport of bulk material. 
Operating Principle

When scraper conveyor is conveying  resources, the strain which comes from the chains in conveying path of supplies and the weight function of supplies on their own cause the internal friction.This friction assures the stable problem between materials layers, and it can defeat the exterior frictional  which brought on by relocating materials in the trough,then make the materials to kind a constant whole  flow to be transported.
Special element

one. Scraper chain: alloy steel put on resistance forged hyperlinks with carburizing warmth treatment.
two. CZPT part: The head wheel is manufactured of wheel hubs and head equipment plate,head equipment plate is made of alloy steel with quench warmth treatment and has sturdy use resistance.
3.Middle section: The rectangular shut circumstance with higher and lower wear rail guides inside, the content is 65Mn or 60Si2Mn with heat treatmentthe plate thickness of bottom and facet plate is above 10mm, it can be CZPT.
4.Tail segment: It has tension products the two sides to adjust the length of chains, to steer clear of the incident because of to chain elongation.


Sgb320 Scraper Chain Conveyors Coal Mining Machine for Mining