PVC Insulation Self Supporting Cable

Solution Description

Conductor :Notably substantial-flex layout manufactured of free of charge-Oxygen copper wires according to VDE5715 Course 6                                                            
 Conductor insulation: High quality imported PVC                         
 Color:  Choice                                                                    
 Core wire structure:anti twist layered, or grouping with divided gap filling by substantial strength core  Twist pair:each 2 wires twisted with each other  
 Inner Sheath: Polyested tape or non woven fabric  fabric    
Protect:  Braid manufactured of tinned copper ,protect over 70%   
OuterJacket:  Unique  high-top quality NBR Blended PVC                                          
Jacket coloration:Black/Gray/Orange

CZPT parameter

rated voltage:<0.5mm2:300/300V ≥0.5mm2:300/500V                          
check voltage: 2000V                                              
minimal bending radius: Fastened set up:6×D
 Movable installation:length of journey <10m,minimum bending radius 8×D
                                        distance of vacation ≥10m,minimum bending radius 10×D                                  
Application temperature:Mounted set up:-30ºC-+70ºC movable installation-20ºC- +70ºC        
Flame resistance:adhering to IEC60332-1-2+EN60332-one-2

one.Laying stroke:50m, accelerated speed:20m/s2,travelling pace:5m/s
two.Existence of bending>300 0000 moments
3.drinking water resistance,oil resistance,UV resistant,abrasion resistance,chilly resistance,weatherability.electromagnetic immunity.
With higher acceleration and more powerful torsion than standard versatile cable


Specification(we also settle for CZPT cable)

Packing techniques



PVC Insulation Self Supporting Cable