Professional Chain Saw with Two-Stroke

   Model: YD370

Energy Kind Solitary Cylinder, Two-stroke,
Air-cooling gasoline engine
Displacement(cc) 36.three
Gas Combination Ratio 25: one(Gasoline 25: Two-cycle Oil 1)
Gasoline Tank Capacity(ml) 410
Motor Oil Tank Ability(ml) two hundred
Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Bar Size fourteen”/sixteen”/eighteen”
Chain Pitch three/eight”
Chain Gauge: .050″
Gross Bodyweight/Web Excess weight(kg)  4/5.7
Packing Measurement(cm) 43x26x30

YD370 is a handy saw for home gardening and home work for felling small trees and sawing firewood, 
as well as for thinning bushes, light pruning or small-medium diameter cutting and so on.

Main features: 
one, Automatic oil pump, lubrication for guide bar and chain.
two, Advanced engine clean air-intake system.
3, Effective anti-vibration system
four, Combination throttle/switch structure
five, With a side-mounted adjuster, easy to control the chain tensioning device. 
six, JP Walbro carburetor is optional.

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Professional Chain Saw with Two-Stroke