Potash Fertilizer Crusher Machine for 2-3 Ton Hour

Attribute of chain fertilizer crushing machine for chemical, building materials, mining
The double shaft chain mill is usded at begining in compound and organic and natural fertilizer manufacturing line, it also crushs difficult powder into powerder in chemical industry, building resources, mining and other industries. CZPT and discharge port design is sensible, broken substance evenly, not effortless to stick wall and easy to clear.

Uncooked material that chain fertilizer crushing machine could handle

Raw material classification Specific application
Inorganic fertilizer BB and compound fertilizer powder
Biologics Western medicine granules etc
Coal industry Carbon granule etc
Other folks Kinds of inorganic powder that you need manufacture granules

Primary technological parameters

Model no.(mm) Maximun size of entering graule(mm) Size after crushing (mm) Motor power(kw) Procl capacity(t/h)
SLF500 ≤60 <ø0.7 5.5*2 one-3
SLF600 ≤60 <ø0.7 seven.five*two two-six
SLF800 ≤60 <ø0.7 11*two 3-ten

Business information
HangCZPT CZPT Heavy Device Co., Ltd. focuses on particle manufacturing machine from 2000. We are a manufacturing facility with experts, employees, domestic and international sales folks.
Now we items organic and natural fertilizer creation line, NPK fertilizer creation line, compound fertilizer creation line, BB fertilizer production line and other associated equipment needed in production line, such as crusher, mixer, granulation equipment, dryer, cooling equipment,screener, coating, computerized packaging, belt conveyor.

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Potash Fertilizer Crusher Machine for 2-3 Ton Hour