High Efficiency Low Price 60-80t H Cross Beam Grate with Coal Hopper Mechanical Stoker

Item Description:

Cross-beam Chain kind grate stoker:
Positive aspects:
one. The construction is rigid, the grate piece is heated and unstressed, and the beam and the chain are not subjected to heat, which is safer and a lot more resilient.
2. The successful spot of the grate is massive, the resistance is tiny and the air volume is evenly dispersed.
three. Chain movement is rolling friction, which needs reduced managing torque and lower friction noise.
4. The all round sealing of the grate is very good, which can prevent air leakage and the wind amongst the wind chambers, and the air quantity of every single air chamber can be modified individually, which is practical and functional.
5. The grate area is flat, the grate pieces overlap each and every other, the arrangement is tight, the coal is not easy to leak, the parts are not dropped, and the grate parts are easily changed CZPT stopping the furnace.
six. The grate ventilation cross-sectional area is big, usually up to 10%-17%, and the combustion is incredibly adequate.
seven. The grate has no rear axle, no eagle iron, so that the rear of the grate is not simple to malfunction in the furnace.
Thorough Pictures:

CZPT Parameter:

ability T/H successful area m2 Efficient length mm Powerful width mm Drive shaft torque N.m Air inlet method Air passage % Air flow resistance pa
four t/h 4.87 4300 1134 5000 two sides eight.five 1000
six t/h 6.65 3775 1764 7500 two sides eight.5 one thousand
8 t/h 9.forty five 4260 2220 ten thousand two sides 8.5 a thousand
ten t/h eleven.nine 5673 2106 ten thousand two sides 8.five a thousand
15 t/h seventeen.fifty six 6615 2656 15000 two sides eight.5 one thousand
twenty t/h 23.29 6830 3410 20000 two sides eight.5 a thousand
40 t/h 35.38 7800 4550 30000 two sides 8.five 1000
65 t/h 57.6 8150 6960 50000 two sides 8.five one thousand
eighty t/h 71.2 8360 8518 70000 two sides 8.five 1000
one hundred t/h ninety seven.71 9165 9570 90000 two sides eight.5 1000
a hundred thirty t/h 126.66 9590 13210 2 reducer

consistent stress air chamber

eight.five one thousand
one hundred sixty t/h 153.17 1 0571 14700 2 reducer

consistent pressure air chamber

eight.five 1000
200 t/h 185.94 one 0571 17780 2 reducer

consistent strain air chamber

eight.five one thousand
260 t/h 248.4 13500 18400 2 reducer

constant strain air chamber

eight.five one thousand
300 t/h 295.two 14260 20700 2 reducer

constant force air chamber

8.5 one thousand

Features Benefits:

Grate Iron Substance Kinds: HT150, HT200, HTCr2, RTSi5, RQTSI5,Cr16, HiSiCr, ZG40CR24 and many others. Heating resistant from 550-1200ºC
Offered Fuels: Coal-fired(Anthracite, Brown coal, Peat), Biomass(Rice husk, Corncobs, Bagasse, Coconut shell, Palm shell,
                                        Palm fiber, Biomass briquettes), Sound Waste(Residential, Municipal, Healthcare, CZPT all squander).

Use To: Steam boiler, Hot h2o boiler, Very hot air furnace, Drying products, Heating firm, Waste incinerator.

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High Efficiency Low Price 60-80t H Cross Beam Grate with Coal Hopper Mechanical Stoker