Ductile High Engineering Plastic 610 Brush Wire

PA610 is a special engineering plastic with greater thermal security, dimensional steadiness and mechanical properties
It can be employed to manufacture all kinds of auto elements which call for large effect toughness
Can be used for higher toughness and very good tensile potential of wire and cable coating, sealing strip and all kinds of pipeline products
Also can be used for high dress in resistance and tensile needs of day-to-day silk and abrasive silk and other goods

NO. Product Test Strategies TEST  Condition Unit Normal benefit
Actual physical Propertids
one Density GB/T1033 23ºC 1.08
two Molding shrinkage GB/T 15585 % one.two
3 Shore hardness GB/T2411 D eighty four
4 Melting point GB/T 4608 ºC 210
Mechanical Propertie
5 Tensile power GB/T 1040 50mm/min 59
six Flexural power GB 9341 2mm/min Mpa 80
seven Flexural Module GB /T9341 2mm/min Mpa 2100

My business is high-tech business in ZheJiang , China, which largely makes prolonged carbon chain nylon.
The primary items consist of nylon 610, nylon 612, nylon 1571, nylon 1012, nylon 1212,
transparent nylon and large temperature nylon, exported to Korea, the United States, Germany, Japan,
Turkey and other international locations, and with numerous international clients to create near cooperation.

Our ompany has the domestic innovative solution inspection equipment, and passed the CZPT global good quality management program certification, ISO14001 international environmental management technique certification, items also handed the Reach, SGS,ROHS, Food and drug administration, MSDS and other related certification and screening.

My company’s products have excellent comprehensive functionality, a vast selection of Employs, can substitute steel in the mechanical, chemical, instrumentation, automotive and other industries.And the item in the soften spinning, with increased strength, so it can be created into knitwear or blended into dress in-resistant clothes materials.


My firm’s goods have great thorough efficiency, a broad variety of Employs, can replace steel in the mechanical, chemical, instrumentation, automotive and other industries.And the product in the soften spinning, with higher energy, so it can be made into knitwear or blended into put on-resistant garments components.

1.What are the classifications of nylon?
1) according to the number of carbon atoms of diamine and diacid, nylon synthesized from two monomers is:
 PA46, PA66, PA610, PA612, PA1571, etc

2) according to the amount of carbon atoms contained in the monomer, nylon PA6, PA11, PA12, etc

2.What are the houses of nylon?

1) nylon has superb toughness, self-lubricity, use resistance, chemical resistance, fuel permeability, oil resistance, non-toxic and straightforward to stain, so nylon has been widely utilized in market.Large effect toughness of nylon (higher than Abs, POM but reduced than Computer).Thermal deformation temperature is lower, hygroscopicity is huge, dimension stability is poor.


2) the most frequently employed PA66 has a robust composition in nylon materials, and PA6 has the greatest processing efficiency.



Ductile High Engineering Plastic 610 Brush Wire