Copper Explosion Proof Manual Hoist Hand Chain Block

copper explosion evidence manual hoist hand chain block 

The HBSQ variety sparkproof manual chain hoist is an best answer for clean atmosphere such as the foods and chemical market the place an explosive environment consisting of a mixture  with air or flammable substances in the sort of fuel,vapour or mist is most likely to take place in normal procedure at times.


The friction elements of guide chain hoist,this sort of as loading chain,hand chain,equipment,equipment shaft,hook, are produced of aluminum bronze and beryllium bronze.No spark will happen when operating.

.5 1 two three 5 7.five 10 20
Examination load
.75 one.5 3 4.5 seven.five 11.two 12.5 25
two.five 2.5 two.5 three 3 three 3 3
No. of
load chain
2 2 2 2 2 two four 8
excess weight
12 15 25 35 38 65 eighty three one hundred eighty

Main Attributes

one) Stainless metal hand chain as standard.

2) Corrosion evidence load chain

3) ideal for gas dust hazardous regions, in Zone one and Zone 2.

4) Bronze coated hook and hook with security latch.


2. Description  of wholesale building hoist lifting explosion proof hoist chain block
1)Non-sparking chain hoist                      2)Unique hand chain hoist
3)non-magnetic chain hoist                      4)Terrace measuring hoist
nonsparking safetytools content:  H62 BeCu, AlCu,
H62 Al-Cu alloy protection tools is cherished uncommon metal synthesis, smelting, forging and made equipment, the surface area is yellow.
Be-Cu security resources are military resources and precious rare metallic floor, made instruments and yellow.
All other technical indicators have arrived at worldwide sophisticated degree.
Be-Cu security instruments has special features of magnetic discipline, in the operate surroundings of typical use.


Copper Explosion Proof Manual Hoist Hand Chain Block