Cheap Price 5ton Liugong Front End Loaders 855h with Good Condition

Inexpensive Price 5Ton LIUGONG Front Finish Loaders 855H With Great Problem

Merchandise Description

1.The motor is perfectly matched to the transmission chain and hydraulic method, for much more efficiency and less wastage.

2.The hydraulic program has a twin-pump confluence with steering often in priority, minimizing strength reduction.

3.309° panoramic visibility provides the operator a quite comfortable perform setting in the taxi. Completely-sealing and micro-pressuring program ensures the taxi is clear and peaceful.

4.Solitary layer radiator and massive range fin spacing for substantial effectiveness and straightforward upkeep.


Working bodyweight 16700-18500 kg
CZPT bucket 3. m³
Gross energy 162 kW (220 hp) @ 2000 rpm
Net electrical power 149 kW (202 hp) @ 2000 rpm
Rated load 5000 kg
Overall cycle time 10.4 s
Tipping load-entire switch 10600 kg
Bucket breakout force 165 kN
Dump clearance, complete peak discharge 2972 mm
Dump reach, complete peak discharge 1146 mm
Design 6LT9.3
Emissions EPA Tier two / EU Phase II
Cooling program Charge air cooling
Length with bucket down 8202 mm
Width more than tires 2750 mm
Taxi top 3450 mm
Turning radius, exterior of tire 6103 mm
Bucket ability two.six-five.two m³
CZPT Objective three. m³
Gentle material 4.2,, five.two m³

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Cheap Price 5ton Liugong Front End Loaders 855h with Good Condition