Car, Bike, Steel Scrap Crusher Shredder

Concepts and Employs.
Crusher line its use the theory of hammered in large pace, torque motor, driven by the host on the rotor hammer head consider turns to strike into the lumen of crushing, by means of area formed amongst the plate and the hammer head, to be broken apart into accord with specifications of the broken items, again beneath the motion of magnetic products, can get large high quality crushing content purity.
This generation line is used for processing waste motor rotor, squander car body, tinplate, home appliance goods, bicycle, empty tank, etc., so as to make it a outstanding steel substance.The equipment is continuously crushed, the coating film is taken out, the quantity proportion is enhanced, the electrical furnace is prevented from explosion, and the metal rate is enhanced below specific circumstances.


NO. Design Feeding size(m) Capability(t/h) Power(kw) Transformer
1 200 one.four three-5 two hundred low voltage
two 250 one.4 4-6 250 reduced voltage
3 280 1.6 five-seven 280 low voltage
4 315 1.6 6-eight 315 lower voltage
five 450 one.six eight-twelve 450 high voltage
six 750 one.8 13-18 750 high voltage
7 900 2.two 18-25 900 higher voltage
8 1200 two.2 twenty-thirty 1200 substantial voltage
9 2000 2.5 45-sixty five 1600 substantial voltage
ten 3000 two.6 55-80 2250 substantial voltage
11 4000 60-eighty 2950 higher voltage
twelve 4500 two.7 90-a hundred 3300 higher voltage
13 6000 2.8 80-100 4400 high voltage

Feeding one.6m   Crusher foundation 1set
Chain belt conveyor 1set 16m Crusher rotor 1set
Discharging conveyor 1set 8m CZPT maintenance station 1set
Discharging conveyor 1set 8m Hammer head 1set10pcs,36kg/piece,
material:large manganese alloy
Waste conveyor 1set 6m Base display 1set6pcs,materials:substantial manganese alloy
Notice:capability of crushing vehicle shell 6-8t/h
Impartial magnetic separation 1set CZPT cupboard 1set
Vibrating monitor 1set Transmission shaft 1set
Different resources discharging program 1set Deceleration technique 1set
Major body 1set(steel deepth50) Dust-remover method 1set of cyclone dust remover,1set of bag dust remover
Compelled feeder 1set Principal motor(base) 315kw


1.what is the uncooked materials do you want to method?
Like:  waste vehicle,can,steel,etc.
two.what is the capability for every hour do you need?
Like:twenty t/h,etc.
three.what is the raw substance input measurement? 


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Car, Bike, Steel Scrap Crusher Shredder