Automatic MDF Powder Coating Line

MDF Coating line description
Spraying can be manual, automatic or manual + automatic. Spray material is 100% solid powder,  the powder can be recycled free paint recycling rate up to 98%. The suspension transport system, the large diploma of automation A less porous coating, good corrosion resistance, and a thick film coating. 

 Step  1    About pre-treatment approach, largely to eradicate grease and dust on the workpiece.

 Step  2    Phosphating movie drying, can next phase to get ready for portray and  further enhance the

                  resistance after the coating movie reliability.

 Step  3   The plastic powder by high voltage electrostatic charging gadget, and under the affect

                  of an electric field uniformly adsorbed on the floor of the workpiece to be machined.

 Step  4    By heat treatment make higher-temperature curing, enable the area to sort a substantial-density coating.


Spray Approach

Powder Coating Line Gear


Pretreatment System

Better powder coating of the workpiece. 

Powder Coating Booth

Spraying on the surface area of the workpiece.

Massive Cyclone

Computerized rapidly coloration adjust.

Transport Method

Shipping of workpieces.

Curing Oven

It makes the powder attaching to the workpiece.

Heating Method

The gas can choose diesel oil,gas,electric and so forth.

shipment &deal

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Automatic MDF Powder Coating Line