Accept Custom Powder Screw Filling Machine with Hopper

It is applied in numerous market: In meals processing business, it is for conveying flour, powder additives, seasoning powder ect. In chemical coatings industry, it is fit for cement, putty powder, raw substance etc.

This is inclined screw elevator used to  transport powder merchandise from one station to the other! The auger conveyor machine’s primary component is the screw auger, conveyor tube and the motorgear. The screw auger flight is configurated within the conveyor tube, it is driven by the motor. When the auger shaft rotates the auger will revolute and driven the powder moves. Auger conveyor is advantage is suit for powder product that is bad fluidity. Also it is go well with for wonderful granule product, this kind of as sand.

CZPT Characteristics:
 1: Energy Source: 3 Stage 208-415V fifty-60Hz
 2: Charging angle: CZPT 45 degree, 30~60 degree are also CZPT.
 3: Lifting Top: CZPT one.eighty five meters,one – 5 M could be created and manufactured
 4:Foodstuff quality Conveying screw, Mixer and power box  are optional.
 5: CZPT hopper volume 200L, fifty-500L are optional
six.The workbench is made of PVC material which can protect the external appearance of products.
seven. CZPT speed can be adjusted freely from 0~6m/min, operate easily and use conveniently.
8. It adapts universal castors with brake which can fix and move easily.
nine. It is not only can realize automation to work with robot by connecting peripheral signal but also can work independently.
10.The THCM Series conveyor belt adjusted aluminum alloy frame which the height can be adjusted according to requirements.
11.CZPTized spec is CZPT according to customers’ special requirement.

CZPT info:

Identify Product Size          (mm) Weight     (kg) Powervoltage (kw/v) Ability
Horizontal ribbon mixer (round) RHDF-440 2250*720*1700 260 2.two/380 350L/time
Horizontal ribbon mixer (U variety) RHDF-550 2250*800*1700 380 3/380 450L/time
Horizontal ribbon mixer (round) RHDF-870 2600*920*1980 560 5.five/380 750L/time
Horizontal ribbon mixer (U sort) RHDF-1160 2600*1571*2050 seven-hundred 7.five/380 1000L/time
Horizontal ribbon mixer (round) RHDF-1650 2800*1160*2200 800 eleven/380 1500Ltime
Horizontal ribbon mixer (U kind) RHDF-2100 2800*1280*2300 850 15/380 2000Ltime

Other versions can be CZPT:




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Accept Custom Powder Screw Filling Machine with Hopper